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A Peek Into past Week

After a couple of weeks of slowly transitioning Baby D up to their new meals, he is now completely on the Complete food and it is doing so well onto it! He’s struggled having a large amount of reflux and fat gain dilemmas in his lifetime, so our company is thrilled that he is thriving on this big diet modification!

We took these pictures of her all ready for church on Sunday early morning.

This dress had been one we picked up at a free consignment event for foster families and I just like it!

Have a look at all that hair!!

My cousin and sister-in-law provided these in my experience and they’re brilliant! Have you had them prior to?

It really is so fun to see him engaging with toys and with his world a great deal!

This woman is just pure sunlight! She learns more and more words and signs every week and it’s so cool on her behalf to be able to communicate with us so much now… and also to recognize just how much she understands of what we say, too!

A lot of my day involves syringes. I never could have dreamed that would be a statement I would make a few years ago! And the thought of deal with all the medical stuff we do on a daily basis would have overwhelmed me, but now it’s just part of my life!

And I also wouldn’t trade some of it for the joy of loving on this sweet boy! He could be a constant gift to the home.

He woke up in the middle of the night by having a cough and some respiration dilemmas one evening a week ago, and so I got him to the pediatrician merely to make certain it wasn’t RSV or anything. Gratefully, it wasn’t and he’s doing far better! He’s their big cleft palate surgery in a few days, so we are hoping he remains well!

One of his true favorite things is to pull our face to his and snuggle up against our face and give us kisses. It is simply probably the most precious thing!

Since Silas is on both a travel baseball group and a rec baseball team this autumn, we fork out a lot of the time at the ball industry (he often has at least 3 games along with a practice or two each week)! And I love getting to look at and cheer him on.

And I’ve gotten great at maintaining these two (mostly) happy and occupied by myself during the rec games (Jesse is an assistant advisor regarding the rec group as well as the girls frequently have work or homework and can’t come).

Do you cut your containers open, too? I’m always amazed at just how much more is hiding inside them!

This is this type of real-life image, but i really like the togetherness and joy in the faces of my children. I’m so grateful for simply how much the older three love doting on, playing with, and hanging out with Kierstyn and Baby D!

This woman is obsessed with Theo, the hedgehog at this time. Often every morning and every evening, she falls to check on him to see if he requires anything.

She’s getting great at knowing as he needs more food and water — and is almost in a position to get that for him by herself, no matter if it’s just a little messy!

Jesse took this photo at baseball one other evening. Consider that sky!!

This is how she prefers for eating now — on to the floor, in a squat!

It was a breathtaking day today and I took these two to the park to meet up with a friend and her litttle lady for a stroll!

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